Seasons of Color

About a year ago, my mother got a new picture frame for our house. She wanted to keep the frame up all year but couldn’t decide what kind of picture would be bearable all year long. Summer vacation photos wouldn’t do in December and the rest of our photos always seemed to involve snow in […]


Confession Time: I love clothes. And when I say I love clothes, I mean I have a closet half the size of a dorm room and it is color-coded within an inch of its life. Don’t even get me started on shoes. From A-line dresses, tall boots, button-down shirts, anything with houndstooth on it and […]

The History of the “The Hunter and The Hare”

“The Hunter and the Hare” always brings back fond memories for me. Whenever my family went to visit my grandparents, they used to read us stories from a book called “Slovenly Peter.” As a child, I always liked the pictures but never thought terribly hard about the content of the stories themselves. The book contained […]


How lovely to see you! Welcome to my wonderful new website where I’m trying to give the best illustration of my illustration skills that I can. I’ve had a passion for drawing ever since I can remember and the pieces here are just a few of my favorites that I’ve been working on for the […]