Seasons of Color

December 2nd, 2012

About a year ago, my mother got a new picture frame for our house. She wanted to keep the frame up all year but couldn’t decide what kind of picture would be bearable all year long. Summer vacation photos wouldn’t do in December and the rest of our photos always seemed to involve snow in some way, and who wants to see that after the third blizzard in April? After searching through computer backlogs of photos that weren’t deemed worthy to be seen by respectable members of society, we still couldn’t decide on an image.

During this time, I had been searching for a new project to occupy my creative time. I had recently rediscovered some watercolors under a pile of gel pens from the third grade and some glitter glue that had long turned into a glitter brick. Even though I used to hate watercolors, I found that when I combined them with the pen and ink style that I had been recently using, they created something other than a watery blob. In fact, I quite liked the range and subtly of the colors that I could achieve through the watercolors and latched onto my new project.

Each month, I decided to create a seasonal picture to put in my mother’s new frame. Every painting would respond to the colors and activities that I associated with the season and see what kinds of moods those hues developed. In winter, I think of soft, hushed grays and blues that remind me of snow falling at nighttime. Spring time is full of pastels and flowers that grow more vibrant each month. Fall is my favorite and is full of fiery reds and deep golden browns contrasting with the sharp blue skies. I haven’t finished all twelve months yet but take a look in the Color Section and check out the nine months that are up! ┬áHere is my picture for December.

Seasons Greetings!




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