November 13th, 2012

Confession Time: I love clothes. And when I say I love clothes, I mean I have a closet half the size of a dorm room and it is color-coded within an inch of its life. Don’t even get me started on shoes. From A-line dresses, tall boots, button-down shirts, anything with houndstooth on it and a never ending supply of cardigans, I’m always on the look out for another creative piece to add to my wardrobe.

So when I found out we would be doing fashion-style drawings in my studio class, I was really excited. Our model brought in a ton of different vintage outfits with a variety of accessories and I went to town. We were working in a unit on gestures at the time, so most of these drawings were done in only 2-3 minutes. I started off with one vibrant watercolor  to get the basic shape and movement of the figure and then went in with black ink and an old-fashioned fountain pen to fill in some more of the details. In my pieces, I emphasized the nipped-in, wasp waist and exaggerated the long legs to give it that classic fashion illustration style.

We played around with this set up for a few days and the results were great. Each person’s gestures were completely different and had so much personality. Take a peek in the Figure Drawing section of the site and check out the new drawings!




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